COOL Science

It’s not just the satisfaction of creating a finished piece it’s the experimentation and science behind the processes involved in creating our products that we find fascinating. How and why various techniques, material qualities and substances create different results, understanding and appreciating the chemistry and the physics behind it, we enjoy the challenge – even though it can sometimes be frustrating! We especially like using Uranium glass (also known as Vaseline or Pearline glass) because it’s so unusual and beautiful.

We use a mixture of new and reclaimed materials which include new glass, copper wire, broken antique Uranium glass ornaments or dinnerware, nature worn materials including sea glass, Copper slag and beach pottery collected on walks around our local beaches and quaysides in Cornwall.

So from kiln-firing to sand-tumbling, collecting to wire-wrapping, designing to creating, we do it all to bring our unique and eye-catching creations out of our little workshop to your waiting hands.

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