Penguins in Antarctica

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Penguins in Antarctica

A software-drawn picture of a row of penguins

More Penguins! This time in their natural habitat on Torgersen Island, Antarctica, via live webcam on the United States Antarctic Program website.

The Island’s penguin population consists mainly of Adélie penguins, but they are occasionally joined by Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins.

We love to watch the penguin colony on Torgersen Island, and see how crowded and messy the place gets - good job it’s not smell-cam!!

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Further Information

See fantastic views from the Antarctic via webcams of the United States Antarctic Program and the Australian Antarctic Program. See where the crew live and how they carry out research and cope with the extreme conditions!

Both of these websites have live webcams of their respective bases/stations and lots of extra resources and information about the wild-life in the Antarctic as well as teaching material aimed at school age children.

Well worth a virtual expedition!

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  • United States Antarctic Program website
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