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Penguins at Dudley Zoo

A software-drawn penguin

20th January 2021 was Penguin Awareness Day at the Dudley Zoo & Castle in the West Midlands, you can listen to and watch a video about Humboldt Penguins on their website.

With the Dudley Zoo Penguin-Cam you can check up on the day to day activities of the residents of Penguin Bay – and the seagull interlopers!!

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21st January 2021

Further Information

Dudley Zoo was opened in May 1937 and covers around 40 acres of the 200-acre densely-wooded grounds of the 11th century Dudley Castle.

The Zoo is popular not only for the animal attractions but also for it’s remaining original buildings, which are of great architectural interest having been designed and engineered by Berthold Lubetkin's Tecton Group who were renowned for their continental modernist style.

External Websites
  • Learn more about the Zoo and Castle on the Dudley Zoo website
  • The Royal Institute of British Architects have a wealth of information on their website.

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