Does privacy matter?

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Privacy Matters!

Does privacy matter?

It certainly matters to us at Cool-Science and we imagine it matters to you too!
That’s why you will not find any of the usual tracking pixels/web beacons (e.g. the Facebook tracking pixel) on our site and we do not use visitor tracking/monitoring software (e.g. Google Analytics).

What are Tracking Pixels/Web Beacons?

Tracking pixels may be similar to cookies, but the big difference between them is that cookies are saved in your browser whereas tracking pixels send data to servers (these can be those of the website you’re visiting or Third Party servers) and in that way can track you across the various devices you may use. Ah, now you see why that search for a new kettle you did while visiting a website on your laptop causes you to be bombarded with adverts for kettles and other kitchenware on your smartphone!

Contextual advertising (based on the content of the page you’re looking at) is one thing but behavioural advertising based on profiles built up from information harvested by web beacons, especially third party ones is really invasive. In other words it may be OK to show complimentary items within our own store on our product pages, but we feel it’s not OK to be bombarded with aggressive marketing tactics forcing you to buy a pair of slippers just because you bought pyjamas on another website!

What we're trying to achieve

We believe you should be able to browse in privacy and purchase what you want when it suits you. Any information you choose to share with us, for instance when opening an account, at Checkout, in signing up for emails/newsletters or even in letting us know how you heard about our site should be just that – your choice.

We like our visitors to have a pleasant experience and feel comfortable when browsing our website; above all we want to be able to welcome you back time and time again.

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